Product pricing & Subscriptions

Customize both what you sell and how you sell it. Prices are never a one-size-fits-all answer. Rizer CRM supports a variety of scenarios, including subscriptions and one-time transactions. Create dashboards based on your recurring revenue, whether it’s annual or monthly. Your sales team only needs to concentrate on closing more deals.

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Subscription management

Recurring payments made easy

Grow your revenue with subscriptions. Increase customer lifetime value by designing your product pricing with recurring revenue in mind.

Base your calculation on specific values or align monetization with how customers actually consume your products and services.

Rizer CRM’s subscription management is designed to help you succeed whether you are just starting out or are already scaling your business.

One off products

Increase revenue with one-time charges

Adapt to your customers’ needs to uncover new revenue opportunities. Increase sales by adding an additional product for a flat fee or a one-time charge to existing subscriptions as a follow-on sale.

Add-ons help to expand the product portfolio. Sales can be increased through paid onboarding, professional services, or any other one-time option. Make each product unique. Select a single fixed amount or vary it based on specific pricing variables.

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Pricing variables

Close more deals with customized pricing

Set your sales team up for success by pricing your products based on how customers actually use them.

Pricing variables in Rizer CRM can be used to customize pricing models for each individual product. To cover all bases, choose between permanent, consumable, and monetary variables.

Pricing is based on the quantity subscribed, such as the number of user licenses, or on any type of unit that resets to zero at the end of the billing period.

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Revenue analytics

Optimize your business with key insights

Rizer CRM’s dashboards give you complete control over your data. Determine which products or services are generating the most revenue for your company. Evaluate whether sales or follow-up sales have the greatest impact on your growth.

Increase your revenue by adjusting your pricing strategy. Analyze which pricing models work best for different segments by understanding customer behavior.

With real-time data, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Identify trends quickly in order to make data-driven decisions that will help you succeed.

Recurring revenue management

Reduce friction to maximize revenue

Create recurring charges that are unique to each customer. To accommodate specific needs, each pricing scenario can be redefined (custom pricing) for individual cases.

Increase retention and revenue by providing retention reps with all of the information they need to better manage the customer relationship and reduce churn.

Renewals, price adjustments, personalized pricing (in some cases), and discounts are all part of the customer relationship. Rizer CRM eliminates friction with a single interface to track all subscription activity, ensuring nothing is lost as this relationship evolves.


Frequently Asked Questions about Subscription Management

How subscription management works?

A subscription management system works on top of a CRM to calculate the exact price a customer must pay based on various pricing variables. In addition, subscription management software will calculate this at the deal level and provide statistics such as MRR, ARR, and so on.

Why is software moving to subscription?

As more software companies sought to monetize their value, subscription pricing models became the norm. For instance, subscription models provide benefits that allow businesses to scale faster and grow at an exponential rate.

What is subscription management software?

Subscription management software assists you in calculating and managing recurring payments made by your customers. After that, it takes pricing variables into account when calculating recurring amounts. It is typically integrated with your CRM to improve customer management.

What is a subscriber management platform?

A subscriber management system keeps track of all of your customers, their usage, and the recurring charges they will face. Similarly, CRMs that integrate subscriber management systems provide a unified experience for sales and aftersales teams.

What is subscription lifecycle management?

Subscription lifecycle management is a framework that describes the processes, resources, needs, and knowledge that go into signing new deals, billing them, and retaining them over time.

Is there a SaaS subscription management tool? 

Any good CRM should include a tool for managing SaaS subscriptions. In other words, a direct integration allows you to better manage customers, never miss renewal dates, and track recurring revenue for the entire customer base.

Which are the most common SaaS pricing models?

A monthly or yearly subscription is the most common SaaS pricing model. However, different companies base this on different time periods or pricing variables. Finally, the best pricing model is the one that provides the most value to you while allowing you to grow your business indefinitely.

How to choose my subscription pricing model? 

When deciding on a pricing model, consider what will work best for you in terms of cash flow. In other words, examine what will provide the most value to your customers. Determine which subscription pricing model will allow you to compete in the market. Select the pricing model that makes the most sense for your company.

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