Why Rizer CRM?

Drive overall performance and sustain it. Rizer CRM splits your team into specialized roles to help you track individual and company-wide performance. You get an actionable framework that makes managing sales easy and more effective.

Rizer Analytics

Visibility that boosts performance

Maximize sales, boost revenue and uncover opportunities. Because we structure our data, we can provide better tracking and offer you full control and visibility over your sales results.

CEO dashboards

Get full visibility over both company and team performance, track all activities and build strategies that increase conversions.

Manager dashboards

Manage your teams and maximize sales. Determine if everyone is hitting their targets, track overall team performance and make data driven decisions. 

Pipeline analysis 

Increase conversion rates and shorten the sales cycle. Catch trends and learn to make the most out of every opportunity.

Customer  management

Maximize usage, reduce churn and boost revenue. Track onboarding and retention and discover follow-on sales opportunities.

High Velocity Sales

Sell more, track, improve performance

Get ahead of your competition with predefined user roles and the most effective approach to modern sales.

CEO & Managers

Manage your team better. Identify what works and where the opportunities are. Track conversions at every stage and optimize the process.

User management

Drive overall performance and sustain it. Rizer CRM splits the sales team into specialized roles for more control.


Gain visibility and stay in control. Track company and individual performance. We offer better analytics and live dashboards suited for every role.

Lead & Customers

Increase revenue, reduce churn and maximize CLV. Different teams for leads and customers ensure that you have the right role for each.

Sales Best Practice

Manage and sell effectively from day one

We provide a powerful framework your company can use by combining deals, pipeline stages, role based sets of actions, and high velocity sales.


Be more effective and stay on top of your deals with separate pipelines for leads and customers and dedicated roles for each stage and pipeline. 

Action flow

Keep your team focused and shorten the sales cycle. You have dedicated actions for each specialized role and there is always a next action scheduled. 


Increase overall conversion and generate more revenue with a framework that makes deals easy to track and more actionable. 


Drive profits by staying on top of your roadmap. Understand the most requested features and pinpoint which ones would bring the most sales.


Never lose a deal

Increase sales by keeping your leads warm. Recycling is an organized way of handling objections and automatically feeding good deals back into the pipeline at the right time.

Recovered deals

Bring lost deals back into focus when the time is right. With Rizer CRM’s product recycling, never miss an opportunity.

Missing features

Capture product feedback and automatically bring the deal back into the pipeline as soon as the feature is ready. 

Common objections

Boost sales performance by evaluating the most common objections and adapting your pitch to market conditions. 


Improve conversions with better nurturing. Enhance marketing campaign performance as your sales team collects more structured data. 

Product management

Build the right features to win more deals

Rizer CRM has a smart way of handling products to help you sell better. Add your products to the system, capture feedback and follow-up with contacts when you release a new feature.

Pricing models

We can handle multiple scenarios including subscriptions and one-off pricing. In turn, they provide a clearer path towards an optimal product portfolio.

Feature requests

With Rizer CRM you capture product feedback in one organized place. You can then prioritize new features for better product decisions

Product recycling

By managing unsold products through recycling and knowing why they didn’t buy, Rizer CRM allows you to take smart actions.


Rizer organizes product feedback and competing products so that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor to be more effective in your pitch.

List of roles

Take control of your sales and keep customers happy

Rizer CRM manages 12 different user roles. Fill up your database, qualify better, adapt your pitch, reduce churn, improve your products and manage more effectively.

CEO & Managers

Drive results. Track conversions, catch trends, optimize the process, better manage your team and make the most out of every deal.

Sales reps

Take control of your sales. Handling daily tasks and tracking results are quick and easy, helping sales reps close more deals. 

Cold callers

Deliver more qualified leads to the sales team. Achieve higher conversions by specializing cold call reps on cold calling and tracking performance.

Retention rep

Reduce churn and keep your customers happy. Increase customer lifetime value with increased usage and follow-on sales. 

A CRM that finally works the way you need it to

Rizer CRM helps you boost revenue by empowering you to easily discover insights, plan the right actions,
and improve conversions – across the entire customer journey.

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