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Track lead sources and how they drive sales over time. Convert more website visitors into qualified leads and save time for your sales team with Rizer’s lead capture forms. Segment the database and create email nurturing campaigns. Improve you tactics with structured data. Put your resources where they will have the most impact.

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Lead capture forms

Convert website visitors into leads

Get better conversion via faster response times. Leads come directly into the CRM and are allocated to your sales team for quick action. 

Adapt lead forms for each scenario by defining what data you want to capture about your leads and, depending on the form, where in the pipeline should the deal go.

Lead capture forms save time for your team by removing the need for copy-pasting.  Embed them on your website, adapt them to your website deign and avoid unnecessary integrations with 3rd party solutions.

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Lead generation - Rizer
Lead origin

Insight into most lucrative lead sources

Improve sales performance. Track the origin of all leads to determine where the most profitable opportunities come from. 

Use this valuable information to target leads with the highest chance of conversion.

Analyzing the results empowers marketing and sales to work together to generate more high quality leads.

Do you want more grip on your sales? Why wait ...

Market insight

Visibility that drives results

Gain insight into your entire customer journey to determine which marketing assets are generating the most sales. Analyze competition data to learn what strategies work against each of them. 

Put your resources where they will have the most impact. Improve your tactics with structured data collected by the sales team. Analyze historical results to adapt and grow. 

Competitors inside the CRM
Lead nurturing inside the CRM

Turn undecided leads into sales

Enhance sales performance and help increase conversions with structured data and targeted email campaigns.

Adapt communication for each individual recycle reason and address the specific concern of each lead.

Get more of your emails opened and links clicked by crafting campaigns with better messaging. 

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Use get a realtime view of their task list with direct links to relevant
customers or leads. Managers get access to their entire team.