Customer management

Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio. The customer management journey begins with the initial sale – not ends with it. Most CRMs processes end when the lead becomes a customer. Rizer CRM goes further to create opportunities for you to build new revenue streams.

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Customer relationship 

Better connect with your customers

Maximize usage, reduce churn and boost revenue. Your business will become more successful as it learns to improve the relationship with its customers.

Track products in onboarding and retention. Once a lead becomes a customer, Rizer CRM helps you streamline communication for a smooth transition and better communication.

Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio. Selling to a customer is different then selling to a lead and Rizer CRM enables you to approach each one appropriately.

Customer Database Rizer CRM
Customer Onboarding Rizer CRM
Customer onboarding

Onboard faster and get customers using your product

Train, collect feedback and support new customers, while ensuring that they use the product fully and correctly. Track their performance and optimize the process.

Properly onboarded customers will use your product over the long-term – enabling you to build a strong relationship and robust recurrent revenue streams.

Every touch point is a chance to gather more info that will help you offer the best service and extract the most value from your existing customer base.

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Customer retention

Retain customers & increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

Reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value from increased and better usage. It’s easier and more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Understand what customers want and need. Find ways to encourage and motivate them to keep using your product. Get in touch and ask for feedback. Using Rizer CRM, you can test every new approach you try and refine your retention strategy.

Customer Retention Rizer CRM
Follow-on sales for customers

Get easy revenue with follow-on sales

Maximize your CLV while providing a more complete service to your customers. Customers who buy more from you, stay with you longer. Not only do you earn more money, but you also retain customers and combat churn.

Generate revenue and help your customers get more value from your products. Rizer CRM offers a predefined sales to customers process and the right tools to help you sell more and get all of your customers to the optimal CLV.


Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Management

What is customer relationship management?

Customer management includes all the steps your after sales team undertakes to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and increase revenue. All customer interaction is grouped by role and stored inside the CRM system.  

What is a customer success manager?

Inside Rizer CRM a customer success manager is called a retention rep. They have the task of keeping the customer happy, making sure they are using the products and services at their full capabilities and that they are getting the most value from your solution. 

How many users do I need for customer management?

Rizer has a high velocity model built right in our user management functionality. The minimum required roles are onboarding rep, retention rep and follow-on sales.  All of them work together to offer the best customer experience. 

What is a customer management system?

A CRM software is a contact management solution that organizes all actions and customer data inside your organization to help you acquire new customers, onboard them, keep them happy, increase customer engagement and increase revenue from them with follow-on sales.

How should my customer management team look?

Rizer provides the flexibility to structure your team based on your current needs. We do recommend though having it split into onboarding, retention and follow-on sales.  All of them should work in tandem with the customer support team.

What are the goals of customer management? 

A good customer manager should make sure customers are fully onboarding and using the product correctly. They are in charge of the customer management strategy and they determine if the customer is getting the most value out of your solution . 

What is the best customer management software?

Rizer CRM splits your customer management team into specialized roles so you can track and improve performance at both the company and at an individual level, making it one of the best solutions on the market.

What’s a good customer management process? 

A good customer management process is the one that helps you keep your customers happy, reduce churn and increase revenue. Onboarding reps, retention reps and follow-on sales teams can handle parts of this process together with your support team and the contact center. 

How can I get started today?

You can get a demo of Rizer. A dedicated consultant will show you how Rizer can work for you from day one. it’s that easy!

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