CRM for Small Business

Use the most effective approach to modern sales to stay ahead of the competition. Instead of starting from scratch, manage and sell effectively from day one. The customer management journey begins with the first sale and does not end there. Rizer CRM goes above and beyond to provide opportunities for small businesses to generate new revenue streams.

Live dashboards

Visibility that drives more value

Gain control and boost performance by having visibility over all the relevant KPIs. Our live dashboards analyze the sales actions and conversion rates, monitor the sales cycle length and emphasize all factors that impact sales.

Visualize all of the data you need to make the right decisions now and forecast future performance. Determine what works and what doesn’t, who the top performers are, and where changes are needed.

Track and improve performance for the company as well as individual team members. We make this simple by supporting various roles and providing structured data throughout the system.

Sales dashboard Rizer
Action flow - Rizer CRM
Action flow inside a CRM for small business

A faster path to conversion

Qualify faster and win more deals by keeping your team action-focused and in turn shorten the sales cycle.

Rizer CRM groups actions inside the deal. This allows your team to always know the next step that can lead to a sale. To enforce this, deals always have at least one action scheduled.

Track individual users and team performance better then before. Rizer CRM keeps things clear when assigning deals and actions to the sale steam.

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Lead database

Get more out of your leads

Get a bird’s eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organizations that you plan to sell to with the lead database inside Rizer CRM.

Locate the information you’re looking for with ease. When you access a lead you can immediately see the deals, activities, notes, key variables and other information related to that contact – in one view.

With Rizer you don’t have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table. Know where every lead is in your sales process and don’t let leads slip through the cracks ever again.

Lead generation - Rizer
Lead nurturing inside the CRM

Turn undecided leads into sales

Improve conversions with more targeted nurturing. Enhance marketing campaign performance as your sales team collects more structured data.

Craft campaigns with better messaging. Adapt communication for each individual recycle reason and address the specific concern of each lead.

Analyze historical results to adapt and improve your the effectiveness of your marketing tactics

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Outsmart your competition

Gather actionable competitor information. Gain visibility and make more informed decisions by combining it with recycling data.

Adapt your pitch and improve your chances of success based on which competitor the lead is currently using. Stay in the loop and understand what is driving your sales and what s causing issues.

Set strategies that have a higher chance of converting at the management level.

Competitors inside the CRM
Sales dashboard Rizer
Leads & Customers

Maximize revenue

Increase revenue and win more deals. Different teams for leads and customers ensure that you have the right role for each. 

Work on the right leads and close faster. Manage both inbound and outbound lead flows.

Selling to a customer is different then selling to a lead and Rizer CRM enables you to approach each one appropriately. Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio.

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Manage and sell effectively

Be more effective and stay on top of your deals with separate pipelines for leads and customers and dedicated roles for each stage and pipeline.

The most common sales steps are organized into relevant stages: cold calling, evaluating, demoing and negotiating – providing a clear framework for your sales team.

Track and increase performance for both the company and the individual team members. Rizer CRM makes this easy by supporting specialized roles and structured data across all pipelines.

deals pipeline in Rizer CRM
deal cart Rizer
Deal cart

The deal cart keeps you organized

Sell the right product at the right time to each individual deal. Products you are currently pitching and their value are brought together in the deal cart so team members are always in the loop.

With the addition of info from the progress box the deal cart becomes more intelligent. Everyone knows what has never been proposed or has been rejected in the past and for what reason.

Better track, make actionable decisions and keep the team organized with the help of the deal cart.


Frequently Asked Questions about CRM for small buesiness

Why CRM is important for small business?

A small business needs to manage customer interactions, lead scoring, sales and marketing in one easy to use solution. A CRM solution provides contact management, deal management and a wide range of tools to streamline day to day activities. 

What is the best CRM for small business?

The best CRM for small business is the one that helps you manage sales better and in turn increases conversions. You need a system that is easy to use, easy to setup and with an intuitive interface. Choose a CRM that you sales people will love.

Is a web based CRM for small business the right choice?

A web based CRM for small business is the right choice for you and your company if you decide you want to take your sales to the next level. A good CRM helps you manage sales, track your team and maximizes results.

What is a customer management system?

A CRM software is a contact management solution that organizes all actions and customer data within your organization to assist you in acquiring new customers, onboarding them, keeping them satisfied, increasing customer engagement, and increasing revenue from them through follow-on sales.

How can a small business benefit from a CRM solution?

As a growing business you should start using a CRM today. You can add your leads and manage your lead generation activities. You can track your activities and manage your daily tasks. As your company grows so will your sales team. A modern and agile CRM will help you achieve the growth you are looking for. 

What is a CRM system for a small business? 

A dedicated CRM for small businesses has the ability to adapt to your growth as you hire more people, with dedicated user roles and structured analytics. You get the power of a robust CRM system but with ease of use adapted for your current needs. 

What is the best customer management software?

Rizer CRM splits your customer management team into specialized roles so you can track and improve performance at both the company and at an individual level, making it one of the best solutions on the market.

How to choose a small business CRM? 

When choosing your CRM solution as a small business you have to look for a system that fits your needs.  A software with simple and out of the box processes. A solution with robust analytics and powerful user management. A CRM system should be able to grow with you, not hold you back. 

How can I get started today?

You can get a demo of Rizer. A dedicated consultant will show you how Rizer can work for you from day one. it’s that easy!

A CRM that finally works the way you need it to

Rizer CRM helps you boost revenue by empowering you to easily discover insights, plan the right actions,
and improve conversions – across the entire customer journey.

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