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Get ahead of your competition by using the most effective approach to modern sales. Manage and sell effectively from day one instead of starting from scratch. The framework combines deals, pipeline stages, role based sets of actions, and high velocity sales. Structuring the way you work improves sales tracking and makes it more actionable.

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Manage and sell effectively

Be more effective and stay on top of your deals with separate pipelines for leads and customers and dedicated roles for each stage and pipeline.

The most common sales steps are organized into relevant stages: cold calling, evaluating, demoing and negotiating – providing a clear framework for your sales team.

Track and increase performance for both the company and the individual team members. Rizer CRM makes this easy by supporting specialized roles and structured data across all pipelines.

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Action flow - Rizer CRM
Action flow

A faster path to conversion

Qualify faster and win more deals by keeping your team action-focused and in turn shorten the sales cycle.

Rizer CRM groups actions inside the deal. This allows your team to always know the next step that can lead to a sale. To enforce this, deals always have at least one action scheduled.

Track individual users and team performance better then before. Rizer CRM keeps things clear when assigning deals and actions to the sale steam.

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A framework that makes you more effective

Increase overall conversion and generate more revenue with a framework that makes deals easy to track and more actionable. Deals group products, actions and all relevant stakeholders together. Multiple roles interact to take a deal through the pipeline from initial contact to a win. 

The progress box combined with the deal makes it even more powerful. It provides a layer of intelligence from always knowing what has been proposed or not and what has been rejected and for what reason. Track past actions and product movements to make better informed decisions.

deals in Rizer CRM
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Product features that sell

Drive profits by staying on top of your roadmap. Understand the most requested features and pinpoint which ones would bring the most sales. Define competitors for each of your products. Gather actionable insights that improve your pitch.

This product-focused approach gives you the opportunity to track and improve your optimal product portfolio, customer lifetime value, follow-up sales potential and other growth KPIs.

Do you want more grip on your sales? Why wait ...

High Velocity Sales

Sell more, track, improve performance

Get ahead of your competition with predefined user roles and the most effective approach to modern sales. Qualify leads faster. Evaluate each deal and adapt your pitch.

Rizer CRM splits the sales team into specialized roles and offers visibility and control at every level. Track company and individual performance. Leverage the data you need to make the correct decisions right now and to forecast future performance.

Conversions inside the CRM


Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Management 

What is a sales manager?

Being a sales manager is a demanding role that requires both long-term organizational vision and a high degree of flexibility and tolerance for change. As you watch the trends and improve the sales process, work with your team to redefine responsibilities and to automate routine tasks.

How to manage a sales team?

As a sales manager you need to visualize all the data you need to make the correct decisions right now and to forecast future performance. Determine what works and what doesn’t, identify performing salespeople, and where changes need to happen with the help of sales analytics.

How many users do I need for effective sales management?

Rizer has a high velocity model built right in our user management functionality. For sales management we recommend a dedicated sales team split into cold calling, demo-ing and negotiation. Sales reps are the key members but the supporting roles provide value and improve results.

What is sales management? 

Sales management is the role of leveraging the data you need to make the correct decision. Improve you sales presentation and adapt your sales pitch. Track and increase performance for both the company and the individual team members. We make this easy by supporting specific roles and by structuring data across the system.

How to hire good sales people? 

Define sales rep role, sales techniques and create a compensation strategy. Have a clear understanding of the ideal candidate profile and find candidates with the right skill fit. Provide them with the best sales management software

What to look for in a sales manager?

Developing sales professionals awareness of self and others stimulates better work performance. Seek sales managers who excel in empathy, rapport-building, and confidence, and trust their skills to bring increased sales results. Research shows social selling works. 

How to effectively manage a sales pipeline?

Our pipeline analysis shows you what your team is doing right and where they can improve. Spot top performers and possible bottlenecks. Catch trends and learn to make the most out of every opportunity. 

How to manage sales activity?

Maximize sales, boost revenue and uncover opportunities. Because we structure our data, we can provide better tracking and offer you full control and visibility over your sales results. Stay on top of day to day activities of your team and help them close the deal. 

How can I get started today?

You can get a demo of Rizer. A dedicated consultant will show you how Rizer can work for you from day one. it’s that easy!

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