Deal management

Improve conversions at every stage and maximize profits. We provide a framework that makes your team more effective. Our deals group people, actions and products together. This makes them easier to track and more actionable. Team members always have a next action for every open deal and never lose focus.

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Track results, increase conversions

Track deals and better manage your sales. Rizer CRM groups products, actions and all relevant people inside deals. This way everything is in one place, easy to access and more actionable.

Increase overall conversions with Rizer CRM’s deal management framework. Use specialized roles to break down the process and follow on day to day activities.

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deals pipeline in Rizer CRM
Deal pipeline

A framework that makes you more effective 

Increase conversion rates and shorten the sales cycle with a structured pipeline. Selling to leads is different from selling to customers. Track each in their one pipeline and get the right people working in each stage for improved performance.

Cold callers, sales reps and demo reps specialized on leads can do the initial sale, while sales reps and demo reps with customer experience can handle the follow-up sales.

Catch trends and learn to make the most out of every opportunity. Push the right leads to the right people and make sure your lead generation matches your pipeline requirements.

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Deal cart

The intelligent way of selling

Sell the right product at the right time to each individual deal. Products you are currently pitching and their value are brought together in the deal cart so team members are always in the loop.

With the addition of info from the progress box the deal cart becomes more intelligent. Everyone knows what has never been proposed or has been rejected in the past and for what reason.

Better track, make actionable decisions and keep the team organized with the help of the deal cart.

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Action flow inside the CRM
Action flow

A faster path to conversions

Qualify faster and win more deals by keeping your team action-focused and in turn shorten the sales cycle.

Rizer CRM groups actions inside the deal. This allows your team to always know the next step that can lead to a sale. To enforce this, deals always have at least one action scheduled.

Track individual users and team performance better than before. Rizer CRM keeps things clear when assigning deals and actions to the sale steam.

Do you want more grip on your sales? Why wait ...

Winning deals

Increase customer lifetime value

Achieve a higher customer lifetime value and generate more revenue. Manage sold products in onboarding and retention and stay on top of future interactions.

Better onboarding enables more usage and better retention reduces churn. Winning deals in Rizer CRM is just the first step to a successful customer relationship.

Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio.

Winning a deal


Frequently Asked Questions about Deal Management

What is deal management?

Effective deal management is the way you organize and manage deals inside your sales process. This takes into account both products you intend to sell and actions you will take when contacting leads. 

How does deal management work in Rizer?

Because of the way Rizer is structured with predefined roles and processes we make deal management as streamlined as possible. You an your team can just focus on selling. 

How many users do I need for deal management?

Rizer has a high velocity model built right in our user management functionality. The minimum required roles are cold caller, sales rep and demo rep. 

What deal management tools do I need? 

All you need to start doing deal management the right way is already built inside Rizer. We do lead management, action management and product management out of the box so you can just focus on closing more deals.

How should my deal management team look?

Rizer provides the flexibility to structure your team based on your current needs. We do recommend though having it split into staff that contacts cold leads and people that deal with warmer, more qualified leads.  Together they analyze deal parameters, filter and sort opportunities and work towards a win. 

Where can I find a deal management specialist?

When using a well structure deal management system like Rizer you don’t really need a specialist. The sales manager has all the tools required to allocate the right leads, structure the team, track deal lifecycle and monitor their actions, out of the box. 

What’s a good deal management software?

When it comes to deal management software there are a lot of cloud based solutions you can interconnect to make them work, but we recommend using an all-in-one solutions like Rizer CRM.

What’s a good deal management process? 

A good deal management process is the one that organizes deal information and helps you close the most deals. We know that specializing your team into specific roles improves conversion, and that’s why Rizer has a high velocity sales model built right in. 

How can I get started today?

You can get a demo of Rizer. A dedicated consultant will show you how Rizer can work for you from day one. it’s that easy!

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