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Work on the right leads, at the right time, and you and your management team will make business decisions based on real-time information. A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead, in one place. By managing both inbound and outbound lead flows, Rizer CRM leverages the best parts of both worlds.

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Lead database

Get more out of your leads

Get a bird’s eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organizations that you plan to sell to with the lead database inside Rizer CRM.

Locate the information you’re looking for with ease. When you access a lead you can immediately see the deals, activities, notes, key variables and other information related to that contact – in one view.

With Rizer you don’t have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table. Know where every lead is in your sales process and don’t let leads slip through the cracks ever again.

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Product history - Rizer CRM
Progress box

Take the progress with your leads to the next level

Ensure all team members have the visibility they need to get their job done. The Progress box is there to provide a snapshot of your current interactions with that lead.

Keep track of products you are trying to sell now, which have been recycled, and which have never been proposed.

Know your leads. A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead, in one place. Determine where you stand and how far along down the sales path you are.

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Leads & Deals

Sell smarter, sell faster

Increase overall conversion and generate more revenue with a framework that makes deals easy to track and more actionable.

Analyze and track each stage of the sales life cycle. Make sure there is always a next action scheduled and ensure there is always a good distribution of deals for each stage of the pipeline.

The deal brings together the products you are currently pitching and their value so team members are always in the loop. As time passes, you add new products or recycle existing ones while maintaining full control and visibility.

Deal Stages Rizer CRM
Marketing Form Rizer CRM
Lead capture forms

Get leads into the CRM now!

Get better conversion via faster response times. Leads come directly into the CRM and are allocated to your sales team for quick action.

Adapt lead forms for each scenario by defining what data you want to capture about your leads and, depending on the form, where in the pipeline should the deal go.

Lead capture forms save time for your team by removing the need for copy-pasting. Embed them on your website and avoid unnecessary integrations with 3rd party solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Management 

What is lead management?

Lead management is made up of a combination of best practices and software assistance, guided towards closing as many deals as possible in the shortest sales cycle. It usually incorporates lead generation, marketing, lead nurturing and sales actions for best results. 

How to create a lead management system?

A lead management system can help your business better manage potential customers coming into the pipeline from marketing campaigns and lead finders. A clear process and good team structure can help improve conversions and provide better sales funnel management. 

How many users do I need for lead management?

Rizer has a high velocity model built right in our user management functionality. For lead management we recommend a sales team should have at least one cold caller, one sales rep and one demo rep. 

What lead management tools do I need? 

Lead management tools come in all forms and sizes. A good CRM that has a predefined process and roles can help you better manage leads and get a higher conversion rate. Clear analytics also go a long way in tracking performance and making adjustments. 

Why is lead management important?

An effective lead management process is the most important aspect of your sales process because it helps coordinate incoming leads, allocate them to the correct team members and track activity. Having a good lead management software gives you the ability to do all of this and much more. 

Where can I find a lead management specialist?

Usually your sales manager should also be your lead manager specialist. With the help of the correct software he can track leads coming in, do lead scoring, allocate them and track performance while at the same time he looks for improvement opportunists.

What’s a good lead management system?

The best lead management solution is the one that provides the best conversion rates in the shortest sales cycle. Rizer CRM software provides you with all the tools you need to achieve your targets. 

Do I need a lead management software? 

The moment you manage more then 50 or 60 leads and have more then one sales rep that’s the perfect time to look for a software to help with lead management and the relationship between marketing and sales. 

How can I get started today?

You can get a demo of Rizer. A dedicated consultant will show you how Rizer can work for you from day one. it’s that easy!

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