Rizer CRM features

Grow your business and improve your sales. Rizer CRM is quick to setup, easy to use and has everything your sales team needs out-of-the-box. This includes specialized user roles, matched to an actionable set of tasks, live dashboards, product management and real customer management.

Overview of features

Lead management

Get more out of your leads!

A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead, in one place. With Rizer CRM your sales team will work on the right leads and you and your management team will make business decisions based on real-time information.

Lead database

We made it as easy as possible to locate the information you’re looking for: deals, activities, notes, key variables – all in one view.

Progress box

The progress box tells you which products you are trying to sell now, which have been recycled, and which have never been proposed.

Lead & Deals

There is always a next action scheduled. This way the team stays focused and sales velocity increases.  

Marketing forms

Lead capture forms save time for your team by removing the need for tedious copy-pasting and allow you to act faster.

Customer management 

Happier customers and more revenue

Maximize your CLV by improving retention and taking advantage of more upsell opportunities to sell your full product portfolio.

Customer relationship

Rizer gives you a blueprint on how to improve customer relationships and helps you with dedicated roles for onboarding, retention and sales.

Customer onboarding

We streamline your onboarding process so customers use your product more and stay with you longer.

Customer retention

Rizer helps you retain more of your existing customers, in turn reducing churn and increasing revenue.

Follow-on sales

Take advantage of your customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio.

Deal management 

A clear framework for more sales

With deals Rizer CRM groups products, actions and all relevant people together. This way everything is in one place. It becomes easier to track and more actionable.

Deal pipeline

We provide a clear framework and help you sell more. We do this by breaking our pipelines down in stages that group predefined actions. 

Deal cart

Rizer CRM keeps your team in the loop and managers always informed by having only one place that stores all products and their values.

Action flow

Rizer CRM keeps the team focused and shortens the sales cycle. We do this as our deals always have at least one action scheduled. 

Winning deals

We help you increase usage and maximize CLV with onboarding and retention management. The initial sale is just the first step. 

Message Center & Actions

Bring clarity and control to your daily tasks

Shorten the sales cycle, qualify faster and win more deals by keeping yourself and your team action-focused. Discover the details and insights you need to improve the sales process. 

Message center

Bring clarity and control back to your inbox. Focus on what’s important by using the simple interface.


Shorten the sales cycle, qualify faster and win more deals by keeping yourself and your team action-focused.


Discover the details and insights you need to improve the sales process. See how you progress over time, and how your deals have been handled by your team. 

Email templates

Build relationships with leads and customers, deliver a strong call to action, personalize your emails, and use email templates to streamline your activity.

Product Management

Build the right features to win more deals

Rizer CRM has a smart way of handling products to help you sell better. Add your products to the system, capture feedback and follow-up with contacts when you release a new feature.

Pricing models

We can handle multiple scenarios including subscriptions and one-off pricing. In turn, they provide a clearer path towards an optimal product portfolio.

Feature requests

With Rizer CRM you capture product feedback in one organized place. You can then prioritize new features for better product decisions.

Product recycling

By managing unsold products through recycling and knowing why they didn’t buy, Rizer CRM allows you to take smart actions.


Rizer organizes product feedback and competing products so that you know the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor to be more effective in your pitch.

Rizer Marketing

Convert website visitors into leads

Convert website visitors into qualified leads. Track lead sources and how they drive sales over time. Segment the database and create email nurturing campaigns. Improve you tactics with structured data.

Lead capture forms

Save time for your sales team. Set up lead forms and embed them in your website. Leads are directly sent to the CRM.

Lead origin

Analyze what lead sources drive sales. Work together with the sales team to generate high quality leads.

Market insight

Improve your tactics with structured data collected by the sales team. Analyze historical results to adapt and grow.


Enhance marketing performance with structured data and targeted email campaigns. 

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Simplify your daily routine and double your sales using our powerful yet still easy to use tools:
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