Product Management 

Make your products more competitive. Collect and prioritize feature requests that will put your products in the best position to bring the most sales. Manage competitors for each product so that you can run targeted marketing campaigns and so that the sales team can be more effective in closing deals. Let Rizer CRM adapt to fit your market and help you sell more effectively.

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Product focus that helps you sell

Drive profits by staying on top of your roadmap. Understand the most requested features and pinpoint which ones would bring the most sales. Define competitors for each of your products. Gather actionable insights that improve your pitch.

Rizer CRM lets you add your products and manage them within the system. Each of the products added can be matched with existing key variables for better management of lead and customer data.

This product-focused approach gives you the opportunity to track and improve your optimal product portfolio, customer lifetime value, follow-up sales potential and other growth KPIs.

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pricing models inside Rizer CRM
Pricing models

You decide on the pricing model

Customize what you sell and how you sell it as well. Prices are never a one size fits all solution. Use Rizer CRM’s tools and build the pricing model that provides the best value.

Calculate your customer lifetime value and discover a clear path towards an optimal product portfolio. Use pricing models to calculate deal value and report on your activities.

Rizer CRM handles multiple scenarios including subscriptions and one-offs. Analyze dashboards around your annual or monthly recurring revenue. All your sales team has to do is focus on closing more deals.

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Know everything about your competition

Gather actionable competitor information. Gain visibility and make more informed decisions by combining it with recycling data.

Adapt your pitch and improve your chances of success based on which competitor the lead is currently using. Stay in the loop and understand what is driving your sales and what’s causing issues.

Set strategies that have a higher chance of converting at the management level.

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Product Recycling
Product recycling 

Don’t ever lose a deal again

Never lose a deal. With product recycling, Rizer CRM brings past deals that weren’t closed back into focus when the time is right.

Boost sales performance by evaluating the most common objections and adapting your pitch to your leads, customers and market conditions.

Craft marketing campaigns with better messaging. Adapt communication for each individual recycle reason and address the specific concern of each lead.

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Feature requests

Adapt your products, win more deals

Capture product feedback in one organized place. Stay on top of your roadmap and adapt it to your sales strategy.

Prioritize new features for better product decisions. Determine which features would bring the most sales if implemented.

These product feature requests can be used as recycle reasons as well. Doing this allows you to automatically follow up with people when you release a feature.

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deal cart Rizer
Deal cart

The deal cart keeps you organized

Sell the right product at the right time to each individual deal. Products you are currently pitching and their value are brought together in the deal cart so team members are always in the loop.

With the addition of info from the progress box the deal cart becomes more intelligent. Everyone knows what has never been proposed or has been rejected in the past and for what reason.

Better track, make actionable decisions and keep the team organized with the help of the deal cart.

Frequently Asked Questions about Product Management 

What is product management?

Product management is in charge of dealing with product feature requests. The product manager has to gather them, prioritize, schedule and make sure they get implemented. Product managers work closely with all other departments and assumes the roles of project manager when needed.  

What is part of the role of product management?

The product manager works with sales representatives and marketing on a daily basis to define and prioritize a list of product features. He is in charge of the user experience and keeps stakeholders informed of new features and product enhancements.

How many users do I need for product management?

Rizer has a high velocity model built right in our user management functionality. For product management we recommend a dedicated product manager that can handle all incoming feature requests. He will with the development team, the support team and other product owners in building the product roadmap. 

Why product management?

We decided from the start that Rizer CRM would have a strong product focus. We believe that starting with products is critical because all sales activities revolve around them. Your long-term product development is shaped by your high-level product strategy and product vision, which ensures that your services are market-ready.

How to move from sales to product management?

Product management and the sales department are always in close contact. Product managers receive feature requests from sales. Customer requests are either met with new functionality or delayed until a later date.

Is product management part of marketing?

The product manager collaborates with the marketing department to assess market needs and gain feedback. They also coordinate activities related to communicating product announcements. Even though they are intertwined, they are and should play distinct roles.

Why is product management important?

As you develop your own sales process, the products will serve as the foundation for any action. The ultimate goal is to sell as many products as possible to as many leads as possible in the shortest possible sales cycle. Product management teams are responsible for developing and adapting your product’s market strategy.

What is software product management?

There are some unique aspects to software product management. Because software development can result in rapid product releases, product managers must adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Requests and new information come in from everywhere to the product team and engineering teams. 

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