Our goal

Defining and implementing how you want your CRM to work is challenging. Still, it often doesn’t work the way you need it to, and it can’t evolve with your organization. With Rizer CRM we want to bring processes and predefined roles that work the way you need them to, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With 20 years of start-up experience and software sales, we know we can help you win and manage your customers better.

Our (hi)story

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend weeks learning what being a sales manager means. 

Through our previous experience, we realized there is a disconnect between sales reps’ activities and the reports managers and the CEO were looking at. The CRM system in place was not helping either, providing minimal visibility in the daily life of our team.

Using API data, we tried building our own reporting on the side, putting in front of the people in charge truly actionable data that they could use to make decisions. This, in turn, led to huge improvements in the way we operated in the sales department. We concluded that we needed a better internal structure. This realization leads to splitting the sales function into more specialized roles to increase efficiency. Inspired by the high-velocity sales model, we created predefined roles for cold callers and demo reps. This freed time for the sales reps to negotiate and close more deals. Through better reporting, we could get the right KPIs, and measure and decide who was doing better than others. This made it easier to decide on training or on finding people that were a better fit for the position.

Keeping a better track of daily activities also allowed our management team to better forecast. Considering seasonality and conversion rates from different geographic regions, we could better anticipate fluctuations in results. Also, it gave us a starting point to see which regions are not covered to their full potential. Hiring at the right time for the right positions was easy, once we could track how the new hires were performing against expectations.

We decided to put all our knowledge to better use and offer it as a service for companies that are struggling with growth and with poorly performing sales teams. So Rizer was born. More than a CRM, Rizer strides to offer best practice procedures and guidelines so you can achieve your expected results.

As a CEO, your focus should be running your business and not managing day to day sales.  rizer provides everything out of the box, and it’s ready to go from day one!

Our team


Shawn Convery

I founded and built 2 tech startups. Both were acquired and are ongoing successful businesses. Rizer, my 3rd startup, capitalizes on my experiences in first two, and aims to help companies work together better to drive revenue growth via more effective sales and customer retention.

Tudor Totolici

Head of Marketing
I have 14 years of marketing experience working with companies and brands of all sizes. You will most likely find me buried in some analytics software looking at conversion reports.

Edward Slipszenko

Head of Development
I have been developing web applications since 2006. I’m always busy planning out the development of the Rizer features that you love.

Laurent Nourisson

I have been developing web application for half of my life. When I am not behind my screens, I’m either lost in mountains or in a random location on planet earth.

Magor Menessy

It’s been almost a decade since I’ve started discovering the world of web. I love coding, solving problems, but especially applying the styles so that the looks are the closest to perfect it can get.

Fernando Luís Barros

With close to 15 years of development experience, I’ve spent most of my life solving problems and building mobile and web apps.

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