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Rizer is a B2B SaaS CRM that drives sales team performance, conversions and customer lifetime value. 

Our structured approach enables high velocity sales, best practice processes, and out-of-box analytics across roles – from Sale reps up to managers and CEOs.

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    What to expect from our software solution

    Unlimited users

    Activities can also be assigned to a contact person or organization based on your organizational preferences.

    No set-up fee

    Setting up Rizer is easy, and there will be a support agent helping you along the way, at no extra cost.

    Data import

    Adding existing data into Rizer is easy. The support agent helping you throughout the on-boarding process is in charge of this and can provide any info you need.

    Assisted on-boarding

    Adding your products in, creating users, setting roles, and getting started is easy. Our support team will provide guided assistance and is available for any questions.

    Dedicated support

    We try to provide relevant answers through our knowledge center, but there is always a support agent at hand to answer any questions you might have.


    Rizer is a multilingual system. Right now it comes in English and Spanish, with French coming shortly, and we'll be adding more languages along the way.

    Start making more money now

    We created Rizer CRM to solve your day to day challenges and let you focus on selling more. With our CRM
    you generate leads, qualify, sell, onboard, retain, upsell in one intuitive tool – maximizing your revenue.

    See Rizer CRM in action