High Velocity Sales Model

Increase conversion rates, accurately measure and track performance, enable accountability by leveraging Rizer’s specialized roles. Qualify leads faster. Evaluate each deal and adapt your pitch. Rizer CRM splits the sales team into specialized roles and offers visibility and control at every level.

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CEO & Managers

Empowering management

Manage your team better. Get detailed reports on team and individual performance. Follow the actions done daily and check out the scoreboards. Catch trends and learn to make the most out of every opportunity.

Discover what works and anticipate possible bottlenecks. Spot your top performers and what they’re doing right. Replicate the strategy, improve your team and boost revenue.

Track conversions at every stage and optimize the process. Analyze the pipelines, look at past results and forecast accordingly.

Conversions inside the CRM
User role dashboards
Specialized roles 

Visibility and insight through specialized roles

Increase conversions by specializing your team and splitting cold callers from sales reps. Go even further with dedicated demo reps. Hire the right profile people for every role. 

Increase usage with onboarding reps and reduce churn trough retention reps. Sales reps and demo reps with customer experience handle the follow-up sales. Measure and improve each of these specialized roles.

Gain visibility, increase conversion rates and shorten the sales cycle. Improve your team and track their activity and results for users that have one or multiple roles.

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Track and boost sales

Gain visibility and stay in control. Our live dashboards analyze the sales actions and conversion rates, monitor the sales cycle length and emphasize all factors that impact sales.

Track company and individual performance. Leverage the data you need to make the correct decisions right now and to forecast future performance.

We offer analytics and live dashboards suited for every role. Empower your sales team to always hit their target. Smart dashboards for each role help you understand and analyze individual performance.

Winning a deal
Sales dashboard Rizer
Leads & Customers

Maximize revenue

Increase revenue and win more deals. Different teams for leads and customers ensure that you have the right role for each. 

Work on the right leads and close faster. Manage both inbound and outbound lead flows.

Selling to a customer is different then selling to a lead and Rizer CRM enables you to approach each one appropriately. Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio.

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Lead generation

Better leads for better results

Keep your database stocked with leads. Manage lead flow inside the CRM. Make sure your team is working on the right leads and closing deals faster. Embed Rizer lead forms directly into your website. Coordinate with lead finders to get the right leads to the right people. 

Keep your leads warm. Nurture them via more targeted marketing. Boost revenue by bringing recycled products back to the pipeline at the right time.

Improve sales performance. Track the origin of all leads to determine where the most profitable opportunities came from. Use this valuable information to target leads with the highest chance of conversion. 

lead finder reports
feature requests rizer crm

Product features that sell

Increase conversion by staying on top of your roadmap. Understand the most requested features. Pinpoint which ones would bring the most sales and prioritize them.

Define competitors for each of your products. Gather actionable insights that improve your pitch. Make informed decisions and set strategies that have a higher chance to increase market share.

This product-focused approach gives you the opportunity to track and improve your optimal product portfolio, customer lifetime value, follow-up sales potential and other growth KPIs.

A CRM that finally works the way you need it to

Rizer CRM helps you boost revenue by empowering you to easily discover insights, plan the right actions,
and improve conversions – across the entire customer journey.

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