Rizer CRM User Roles 

Rizer CRM manages 13 different user roles. Fill up your database, qualify better, take control of your sales, adapt your pitch, reduce churn, keep customers happy, do follow-on sales, improve your products, track actions and manage more effectively.

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CEO & Managers

Visibility that empowers

Leverage Rizer CRM’s live dashboards and analytics to track conversions, catch trends, optimize the process, better manage your team and drive better results out of every deal.

Access the data you need to make the accurate decisions and forecast future performance. Track and increase performance at both the individual team member and the company level.

manage your sales team
Won sales analytics inside the CRM
Sales reps

Take control of your sales

Sales reps manage the sales process: from evaluation, demo, negotiation, to win with dedicated activities for their role.

They work on qualified leads provided by cold callers and marketing website forms. They can also perform the Demo role or collaborate with a specialized Demo rep to demonstrate the product. 

Analyze pipeline conversion rates and find the top performers. Learn what drives their success and train your sales team on the most effective techniques.

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Cold callers

Raise interest and qualify better

Cold callers deliver qualified leads to the sales team. They ensure that the cold lead fits your target market and in a position to buy in the immediate future.

Cold callers use the calling queue to make the initial contact, collect valuable information and raise interest for your products. 

Achieve higher conversions by specializing them, using cold calling scripts and tracking their performance.

Deal Stages Rizer CRM
Customer Onboarding Rizer CRM
Onboarding rep

Get customers to use your product

Onboarding reps train, collect feedback and support new customers – ensuring that they use the product fully and correctly. Onboarding reps increase retention and increase the lifetime of your customer base

Track their performance and optimize the process. Properly onboarded customers will use your product over the long-term – enabling you to build a strong relationship and robust recurrent revenue streams

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Retention rep

Retain customers and increase CLV

Retention reps keep your customers happy. They stay in touch, collect valuable feedback and determine what customers need. 

Retention reps help customers to use the product to the fullest extent so that they extract maximum value – a win-win for you and your customers.

Reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value from increased and better usage. It’s easier and more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Customer Retention Rizer CRM
Winning a deal
Follow-on sales

More revenue with follow-on sales

Sales reps for customers discover follow-on sales opportunities in your existing customer base.  

They generate revenue from unproposed or recycled products, and help your customers get more value from your existing products. 

Maximize your CLV while providing a more complete service to your customers.

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Product manager

Product features that sell

Product managers help boost sales by making sure that the features that will convert the best are prioritized.

They setup and manage competitors for each of your products to collect information that can be used by Sales and Marketing to improve conversions.

This product-focused approach gives you the opportunity to track and improve your optimal product portfolio, customer lifetime value, follow-up sales potential and other growth KPIs. 

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A CRM that finally works the way you need it to

Rizer CRM helps you boost revenue by empowering you to easily discover insights, plan the right actions,
and improve conversions – across the entire customer journey.

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