Do I Need a Lead Management Software?

The moment you manage more then 50 or 60 leads and have more then one sales rep that’s the perfect time to look for a software to help with lead management. 

A lead management software can help you set-up a sales pipeline with distinct stages. These sale stages guide the team and provide a clear path for them to follow. They also give you the ability to track performance and conversion at every step and find out quickly where you can make improvements. 

The software can also help you get leads into the system faster with the use of marketing forms. Inbound leads responding to your call to action get allocated faster to the right people. Because they come from online sources the leads are warmer and can be introduced further down the sales pipeline for a faster sales cycle. 

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What to expect from our software solution

Lead Management

By managing both inbound and outbound lead flows and by providing the right qualification tools in each case, we allow sales teams to access the leads with the most probability of closing, regardless of their source.

Customer Management

Once a lead becomes a customer, Rizer CRM helps you streamline communication between after sales teams and the beneficiary for a smooth transition. Keeping with our product-focused approach, we track products both in onboarding and retention.

Product Management

Rizer lets you add your products and manage them within the system. Each of the products added can be matched with existing key custom variables for better management of lead and customer data.

Deal Management

We talked before about predefined roles and processes, and a product-focused approach to managing sales. All these come together in the way Rizer manages and organizes deals.

High Velocity Sales Model

High Velocity Sales is an inside sales model that will help increase your sales performance. It involves the use of specialized teams. Compared to others, the user management inside the Rizer CRM lets you set specific functions for each member of your team.


You can stop the hassle of exporting data and manipulating it outside of the CRM or always having the feeling of missing out. Because of the way we structure and predefine data, Rizer can provide analytics like no other solution.

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