Quote management

Speed up your workflow with quotes directly in the CRM. Grab data automatically from the deal cart. Close more deals by providing all the details your customers need to make a decision. Have them accept the quote with a single click. Keep track of every quote and follow up with leads quickly to shorten your sales cycle.

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Generate quotes 

Streamline your sales

Increase your productivity and make your job easier. Creating and sending quotes is now easier than ever, by capturing quote information directly from the deal cart.

Rizer automatically uses all products and pricing models to generate a dedicated quote for each deal.

Easily track each quote and follow up with leads at the appropriate time. Have them accept or reject the quote with a single click. 

Multi-currency support

Sell globally

Expand your business internationally, and offer multiple pricing options for your leads. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Build credibility and increase your sales by offering multi-currency support inside your deals and quotes.

Save time by sending quotes in different currencies without switching back and forth between products.

Do you want more grip on your sales? Why wait ...

Customer interface

Make it easy for leads to accept 

Save time by sending quotes to leads and have them accept with a single click. Use email templates to send quotes right from the CRM or share the dedicated link. 

Leads have all the information they need right there on the quote page. They can instantly accept or decline the offer with just one click, which means less time wasted and more time closing sales.

Powerful Insights

Monitor progress 

Keep track of each quote that you give out and follow up with the leads afterward. This will help to make the sales cycle shorter and more efficient.

Convert your leads more quickly this way and focus on the ones who are more likely to accept your offer.

See who accepted or rejected the offer, you can quickly follow up and increase your chances of closing the sale.


Frequently Asked Questions about Quote Management

What is quote management?

Quote management is the process of creating, sending, and tracking sales quotes. This can be done manually or with quote management functionality right in the CRM. Quote management can automate the process of creating and sending quotes, as well as tracking their status. This can help sales teams close more deals and improve their win rate.

What is a good quote management process?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best quote management process for a given organization will vary depending on the specific needs of that organization. Some tips for an effective quote management process include ensuring that the process is streamlined and efficient, and tightly integrated with your CRM.

How many users do I need for quote management?

Typically, the sales rep is the one who generates and sends the quotes. With the right software and a good quote management process in place, one person can handle all quote-related tasks for the leads they manage.

What are some good quote management tools?

A good quote management tool is one that is already integrated into the CRM that your sales team is using. This will give you direct access to product information, pricing, and lead information. Additionally, all customer communication will be centralized, allowing for improved reporting and analytics.

Should quote management be integrated inside the CRM?

It’s beneficial to integrate quote management into your CRM system in order to streamline your sales processes and improve your team’s efficiency. Having all of the information your sales team needs in one place (including quotes) makes it easier and faster for them to do their job. This can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

What are the goals of quote management? 

The goals of quote management are to ensure that all quotes are accurate, timely, and compliant with company policies. Additionally, quote management systems aim to streamline the quoting process, make it easy for prospects to accept or reject them and improve quote accuracy.

What is the best quote management software?

The best quote software is one that integrates with your CRM and adds real value to the sales team by allowing them to work faster and close more sales.

Is quote management part of sales? 

Quote management is a part of sales, but it can also be a separate process. Sales quotes are usually created by salespeople and software can help sales teams to create, send, manage, and track quotes.

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