Quote management

Create and send quotes with ease. Improve your workflow by grabbing data directly from the CRM’s deal cart. Make the price clear by explaining each pricing model in detail. Increase conversions by using interactive customer-facing quotes. Maintain a record of each quote and follow-up with leads for a shorter and more efficient sales cycle.

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Generate quotes 

Streamline your sales

Create and send quotes with ease. Increase your productivity by capturing quote information directly from the deal cart.

Rizer will use all products and pricing models automatically to generate a dedicated quote for each deal, making your job easier.

Track each quote for each lead and follow-up at the appropriate time to increase conversions.

Multi currency support

Sell globally

Expand your business internationally by offering multiple pricing options for your leads. Increase your reach by offering multi-currency support inside your deals and quotes.

Save time by sending quotes in multiple currencies without switching back and forth between products.

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Customer interface

Make it easy for leads to accept 

Increase conversion rates with Rizer CRM’s easy to use quote management. Send quotes to leads and have them accept with a single click. 

Use email templates to send emails right from the CRM or share the dedicated link. 

The leads will have all the information they need right there on the page. They can instantly accept or decline the offer with just one click, which means less time wasting and more time closing sales.

Powerful Insights

Monitor progress 

Keep track of each quote and follow-up with leads to ensure a shorter and more efficient sales cycle.

This will allow you to convert your leads more quickly and focus the sales cycle on those who are most likely to accept your offer.

Determine who accepted or rejected the offer and initiate a quick follow-up to increase your chances of closing the sale.


Frequently Asked Questions about Quote Management

What is quote management?

Quote management is an easy to use and flexible system which allows a company to create, submit and track quotes. When integrated within your CRM, it can provide real-time data as well as direct access to lead information.

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