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5 Sales Podcasts to Tune Into

Sales podcasts to spice up your daily commute, stimulate your mind, and keep you motivated. Resources for business owners and sales reps.

Podcasts worthwhile to listen to are at the touch of your finger. Whether seeking to spice up your daily commute, stimulate your mind, or keep yourself motivated, resources stand ready to meet your needs. Whether you are a habitual listener or trying out the genre, the following 5 sales podcasts will assist you in:

  • Learning new sales techniques
  • Professional and personal development
  • Communication skills development, and
  • Finding increased motivation.

1. How to Win Deals and Influence Prospects – The Psychology of Negotiation (Your sales MBA sales podcast)

On this episode of Your Sales MBA, a sales podcast for reps and managers, Jeff Hoffman and CeCe Aparo offer the solution to one of the most challenging and intimidating parts of the sales process: negotiation. Their advice – rich with role play and breakdown of a prospecting call – includes How Tos on:

  • Negotiating with confidence and authority
  • Asking and closing for things early, and 
  • Even the secret to closing your prospect on the FIRST call!

2. Five Myths That Stop SaaS Companies from Moving Upmarket (Saastr podcast)

Dropbox CCO Yamini Rangan joins SaaStr in this podcast to debunk 5 myths that hinder SaaS companies when moving upmarket. Have you found yourself wrestling with any of these?

  • Myth 1: Sell to the C-suite – Identify your buyer: employees who already use your products
  • Myth 2: Increase your sales force – Increase opportunities
  • Myth 3: Worry about sales support later – Sales support is the architect of your house!
  • Myth 4: Go global – Prioritize entering countries: bring data!
  • Myth 5: Crash the Competition – Focus on driving user engagement; partner with the competition.

3. How to Move from Transactional to Recurring Revenue 

In another excellent SaaStr podcast, Hired CEO, Mehul Patel leads in his advice with the adage, “Cannot build great companies without great talent”, and we couldn’t agree more.

From the evolution of marketplaces to the SaaS business model, Mehul walks us through the road that took Hired where they are today. The global marketplace for tech talent is upping their game by using SaaS that automates tech assessment, thereby connecting Hired with the recruiting funnel.

Not only for business owners, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Who we are as a company – our values + team
  • How we work – phase investment decisions: focus on legacy or recurring business?
  • How we talk to the customer – pricing strategy, hiring sales expert, “packaging” 
  • Road map – product division: how we meet our customers’ expectations.

Mehul emphasizes the need to listen to customers: earning their trust will lead to more candid conversations about their needs, and they will stay for the customized service.

4. Successful (Not Stressful) Prospecting 

Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting gives us applicable advice on how to forgo the stressful effect of calling strangers and avoid getting discouraged as cold callers. His predictable framework includes an approach to creating personas (segments) for selling above and below the line.  Beyond addressing common errors in messaging, you will enjoy learning about:

  • Using different contact methods
  • Time spent with clients in the planning stages to develop messaging
  • The ideal client profile identifier
  • Applying the research to one-person consulting businesses
  • Jason’s REPLY method, and
  • Adding a personal touch to messaging.

5. Trust and Respect: The Foundation of Everything in Sales 

Trust and respect are at the core of any relationship, and even more so in commerce. In this podcast Collin Cadmus of Aircall shares his belief that a sales leader must be a teacher. Furthermore, beyond developing new skills, (s)he must build strong relationships. Earning each sales rep’s trust and respect will have a positive influence on employee morale and motivation. This in turn will add to the bottom line.

Today’s podcasts took us from the trenches of prospecting to building a successful business with a winning culture. What similar resources would you suggest for continued professional and personal development? And why?

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