Benefits of CRM for Sales Managers

Capitalize on your existing customer base, understand their needs and maximize CLV by selling your full product portfolio. The customer management journey begins with the initial sale – not ends with it. Most CRMs processes end when the lead becomes a customer. Rizer CRM goes further to create opportunities for you to build new revenue streams.

CEO & Managers

Empowering management

Manage your team better. Get detailed reports on team and individual performance. Follow the actions done daily and check out the scoreboards. Catch trends and learn to make the most out of every opportunity.

Discover what works and anticipate possible bottlenecks. Spot your top performers and what they’re doing right. Replicate the strategy, improve your team and boost revenue.

Track conversions at every stage and optimize the process. Analyze the pipelines, look at past results and forecast accordingly. 

Conversions inside the CRM
Action flow - Rizer CRM
Action flow

A faster path to conversion

Qualify faster and win more deals by keeping your team action-focused and in turn shorten the sales cycle.

Rizer CRM groups actions inside the deal. This allows your team to always know the next step that can lead to a sale. To enforce this, deals always have at least one action scheduled.

Track individual users and team performance better then before. Rizer CRM keeps things clear when assigning deals and actions to the sale steam.

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High Velocity Sales

Sell more, track, improve performance

Get ahead of your competition with predefined user roles and the most effective approach to modern sales. Qualify leads faster. Evaluate each deal and adapt your pitch.

Rizer CRM splits the sales team into specialized roles and offers visibility and control at every level. Track company and individual performance. Leverage the data you need to make the correct decisions right now and to forecast future performance.

Conversions inside the CRM
Product history - Rizer CRM
Progress box

Take the progress with your leads to the next level

Ensure all team members have the visibility they need to get their job done. The Progress box is there to provide a snapshot of your current interactions with that lead.

Keep track of products you are trying to sell now, which have been recycled, and which have never been proposed.

Know your leads. A good sales CRM tells you everything you need to know about your lead, in one place. Determine where you stand and how far along down the sales path you are.

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Leads & Deals

Sell smarter, sell faster

Increase overall conversion and generate more revenue with a framework that makes deals easy to track and more actionable.

Analyze and track each stage of the sales life cycle. Make sure there is always a next action scheduled and ensure there is always a good distribution of deals for each stage of the pipeline.

The deal brings together the products you are currently pitching and their value so team members are always in the loop. As time passes, you add new products or recycle existing ones while maintaining full control and visibility.

Deal Stages Rizer CRM
Lead generation - Rizer
Lead origin

Insight into most lucrative lead sources

Improve sales performance. Track the origin of all leads to determine where the most profitable opportunities come from. 

Use this valuable information to target leads with the highest chance of conversion.

Analyzing the results empowers marketing and sales to work together to generate more high quality leads.

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Product focus that helps you sell

Drive profits by staying on top of your roadmap. Understand the most requested features and pinpoint which ones would bring the most sales. Define competitors for each of your products. Gather actionable insights that improve your pitch.

Rizer CRM lets you add your products and manage them within the system. Each of the products added can be matched with existing key variables for better management of lead and customer data.

This product-focused approach gives you the opportunity to track and improve your optimal product portfolio, customer lifetime value, follow-up sales potential and other growth KPIs.

product list Rizer CRM
Product Recycling
Product recycling 

Don’t ever lose a deal again

Never lose a deal. With product recycling, Rizer CRM brings past deals that weren’t closed back into focus when the time is right.

Boost sales performance by evaluating the most common objections and adapting your pitch to your leads, customers and market conditions.

Craft marketing campaigns with better messaging. Adapt communication for each individual recycle reason and address the specific concern of each lead.


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