Why product management?

We decided that Rizer CRM will have a strong product focus from the get-go. We think it’s important to start from products as all sales activities are built around them. In the end, deals or calls or emails are just a means to a bigger goal of getting people to use your product.

Product management is  an integral part of all businesses. Adapting to the needs of the market is a key component of any solid strategy. A good CEO knows that the product team can greatly influence the bottom-line. 

Product managers decide what features to implement and which to leave aside. They are in constant contact with sales reps, marketing and development. Product managers also communicate with leads and customers. Product management is the science of bringing all this together in a coherent way 

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    What to expect from our software solution

    Lead Management

    By managing both inbound and outbound lead flows and by providing the right qualification tools in each case, we allow sales teams to access the leads with the most probability of closing, regardless of their source.

    Customer Management

    Once a lead becomes a customer, Rizer CRM helps you streamline communication between after sales teams and the beneficiary for a smooth transition. Keeping with our product-focused approach, we track products both in onboarding and retention.

    Product Management

    Rizer lets you add your products and manage them within the system. Each of the products added can be matched with existing key custom variables for better management of lead and customer data.

    Deal Management

    We talked before about predefined roles and processes, and a product-focused approach to managing sales. All these come together in the way Rizer manages and organizes deals.

    High Velocity Sales Model

    High Velocity Sales is an inside sales model that will help increase your sales performance. It involves the use of specialized teams. Compared to others, the user management inside the Rizer CRM lets you set specific functions for each member of your team.


    You can stop the hassle of exporting data and manipulating it outside of the CRM or always having the feeling of missing out. Because of the way we structure and predefine data, Rizer can provide analytics like no other solution.

    Start making more money now

    We created Rizer CRM to solve your day to day challenges and let you focus on selling more. With our CRM
    you generate leads, qualify, sell, onboard, retain, upsell in one intuitive tool – maximizing your revenue.

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