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Business growth strategies are never pursued in a vacuum, and being willing to change course in response to feedback from the market is as important as implementing a strategy in a single-minded way. Too often, companies take a year to develop a strategy and, by the time they’re ready to implement it, the market has changed on them. Learn more about it in the articles below.

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Connecting With Your Customers to Boost Loyalty

As the digital age keeps changing, businesses are in a constant race to keep up with their customers’ higher expectations and the growing number of competitors. In this situation, customer loyalty has become the most important thing for businesses to do well. It is the most important thing, so taking care of it is not […]

Why is Pipeline Management Important?

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s competitive business environment, keeping your sales pipeline well-managed is critical to success. Much like a master chess player, who must keenly anticipate their opponent’s moves, businesses that stay ahead of the curve employ tireless strategizing and dynamic tactics. Enter Rizer CRM—a leading sales software designed to assist businesses in […]

How do you set up a customer relationship management system?

Setting up a customer relationship management (CRM) system is critical for any sales team’s success. But where do you even begin? What exactly is a customer relationship management system (CRM)? A customer relationship management system (CRM) is software that tracks and manages information about customers during a company’s interactions with them. From the initial contact […]

What are CRM Solutions?

Customer relationship management is the process of overseeing your company’s interaction with current and potential customers. And CRM solutions are the tools that facilitate the process. Customers or clients are the people or businesses who purchase your product. For sustainable business and growth, you need to keep your existing customers and gain new ones. But […]

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