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Why is Pipeline Management Important?

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s competitive business environment, keeping your sales pipeline well-managed is critical to success. Much like a master chess player, who must keenly anticipate their opponent’s moves, businesses that stay ahead of the curve employ tireless strategizing and dynamic tactics. Enter Rizer CRM—a leading sales software designed to assist businesses in […]

How do you set up a customer relationship management system?

Setting up a customer relationship management (CRM) system is critical for any sales team’s success. But where do you even begin? What exactly is a customer relationship management system (CRM)? A customer relationship management system (CRM) is software that tracks and manages information about customers during a company’s interactions with them. From the initial contact […]

Who does a sales manager report to?

A sales manager’s reporting structure is critical. Small and medium-sized businesses face a particularly serious problem because their sales teams are typically smaller.  As the sales manager of a company with ten to twenty employees, usually the answer to this question is dependent on the company’s overall structure. The sales manager may report directly to […]

What should customers know about your pricing?

The pricing strategy of a company is critical to its success. It’s critical because it determines whether or not a product succeeds and whether or not a business thrives. Rizer CRM is the customer relationship management system that can assist you in optimizing your pricing. Setting competitive prices for your wares requires a firm grasp […]

Maximizing Sales with a Strong Sales Process

Having a strong sales process in place is crucial for any business looking to maximize their sales. A sales process outlines the steps and actions that a company takes to convert a potential customer into a paying one. By having a clear and effective sales process, businesses can increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately […]

Trends in Sales Management for the New Year (2023)

Sales management is an important function in any business. It involves planning, implementing, and controlling the activities that take place during a sales cycle. To stay ahead of the competition and stay profitable in the ever-evolving business landscape, it is essential to understand trends in sales management that will shape how businesses engage with clients […]

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